rewind on the remix…Evaluation

In being presented with the vast array of briefs the mind mapping sessions were definitely a critical part in helping to develop a concept for such a difficult brief. I took on the project because it is quite debatable about what is original and what constitutes originality. A real head banger at times, I enjoyed the challenge of the brief and how I’ve reacted and developed work from a particularly touchy subject.

  My downfall however within this project was most definitely a decisive nature which has matured over the 3 last weeks in how I’ve approached the work and made consciencous decisions, with my relevant research and decision making process informing this for the better, allowing me to gratify why I’ve made certain decisions. Having only decided within the last 4 weeks on how to approach the brief and what idea to develop I’m pleased with the body of work I’ve created considering 2 weeks of the project was simply scrutinising my opinion on originality and constantly brainstorming other viewpoints and opinions. A decisive nature here would have defiantly helped but within a short space of time I believe I’ve produced a relevant concept that meets the brief and exceeds even my expectations in the body of work produced.


My project took on the direction of what I would deem a ‘branding exercise’ for a concept based around original music being live. Developing the concept into a’ record label that promotes unknown, unsigned acts in live events’ which I think meets the brief in two areas. 1. The nature of live music itself is original and despite the world of digital music, people have a connection with live music and enjoy it more 2. Through research the concept fills a niche in the market, with unknown unsigned acts producing further original sounds of music as they try to differentiate themselves in a crowded music business.

  Consequently I tried to cover all aspects within the promotion  and branding of the label i.e. posters, website, downloadable app, promotional video and magazine. Developing it within a real world context e.g. if it were to be made tomorrow the basis is there to design and refine from. This I think makes the concept particularly strong and stringent with no deviation to conceptual ideas that would be unattainable.


Personally I’ve enjoyed but also grown tired of the brief. I’ve realised I’m a person who likes to work quick and produce sharp, short projects and leave them be, moving onto another in quick succession. ­ I’ve enjoyed the challenge and how I’ve reacted to the minefield of answers and questionability surrounding the subject area, particularly seeing as music is a media that has a definite collectiveness to it with very few artists/music being truly unique and original. Enjoying also the designs I’ve produced specifying a certain critique of style and producing this consequently with a continuity within this. So in terms of personal development I think I’ve learned a lot about branding but also in my tolerances on timescales and developed the crucial decisive streak that sometimes designers need just to get anything done.